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Herbst Winter 2021

Herbst Winter 2021

La Francesca - Feriendorf Ligurien meer. Ferienwohnung Cinque Terre ganzjährig verfügbar

La Francesca is a small oasis, far from noise, concrete and pollution; the ideal place in every season for those who want to spend time pleasantly with no hurry, in close contact with a natural  environment.

Every season has its own beauty…

AUTUMN: a beautiful season, full of colours!
A sweet extension of Summer: sea water still warm and swims guaranteed until mid-October (sometimes until the end November…).
In the park of evergreen trees - such as pines, lentisks, juniper, oleanders, rosemary, citrus fruits, myrtle, brooms and olive trees - the few deciduous plants stand out in the green: here is our foliage…

In WINTER the landscape is almost the same: the microclimate of La Francesca is due to its favourable position - facing South and protected from the North winds - where oranges, lemons, avocados, pepper trees and strawberry trees ripen.

For the individual accommodation and the large spaces it is the ideal place to guarantee privacy and distancing.

At the seaside with grandparents- reduced Weekly stays for grandparents with grandchildren

Your home at the seaside - a 25 nights’ stay from October to April

Remote working - special rate for a work holiday

Info and reservations: info@lafrancescaresort.it

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